Whats new in Dhaatu

Version 3.0.3
  • Link to wikipedia page of every element. 

Version 3.0.2
  • Problems in the registration fixed
  • Now choose your own background for the Periodic Table
  • Automatic adjustment of font to suit all screen sizes

Version 3.0.1
  • Portuguese language included
  • Display name of the element on the main screen
  • Automatic update checks
  • Optimized code for faster download

Version 3.0.0
  • Printing capability is now vastly improved
  • Choice of units for the various properties introduced
  • Search made simpler
  • Graphing capability much better than previous versions. Better looking graphs
  • Dhaatu wallpaper improved
  • You can now choose skins per your taste
  • Atomic weight shown on the main screen. Whats more - this is customizable
  • Standardized naming of periods
  • Use of Java for cross-platform compatibility and reduced errors with custom components